• Automatic injection vaccination machine
  • Pneumatic Feeding Machines
  • Net washing machine

    asilama Manufacturer : Rossi International A/S – Denmark

    Basic Specifications ;

    • Continuous and right point injection
    • Minimum labourship
    • Very low mortality
    • 5000 to 10000 fishes / hour capacity
    • Adjustable injection angle and depth
    • % 100 accuracy counting
    • Trouble free design against injures of insection
    • Continuous control of fixed dosage.
    • 3 models (2 – 4 – 6 stations )
    • Special descaling equipment for Seabass
    • Modular design


    IMG_2622 (Small) We are happy to announce pur new product Pneumatic Feeding machines because of their simple structure they need minimum maintainance and assembling and disassembling is very easy. You can use them in all kind of boats. It is produced by 304-316 SS and capacities vary between 250 kg – 10000 kg. Diesel engine or electricity engine are optional. %100 accuracy comes from its dosing chamber technology. Basic Specifications :

    • Diesel or electric engine available
    • Adjustable feed amount.
    • 17-22 kg/min. feding capacity
    • Blowing range is 10 -20 meter.
    • Minimum maintenance
    • Resistant to sea water conditions.
  • Net washing machine

    Strong, Reliable, Capacious and Above All


    Our new AUTOMATIC net washing machine for your all kind of fishing nets and it’s the result of the needs expressed by a number of farmers to have a strong and reliable tool that can cover large quantities in terms of both time and workforce necessary to the cleaning of nets for cage farming.

    General specifications :

    • Each machine has inlet for clean water and outlet for waste water.
    • The washing time is approximately 60 minutes.
    • Each machine has speed control unit.
    • Machine has ability use both sea and fresh water.
    • The power supply is 380 V and the rotation of drum is powered by gear and chain system.
    • Water capacity for washing is 3 – 4 tons.

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