Cakir Fishing Co. founded in 1986 in Izmir. Cakir Fishing Co. is one of the oldest company has been determined a mission for highest level of customer satisfaction, qualified and reliable service in the field of aquaculture. Cakir Fishing Co. has been giving service for net cage production, antifouling treatment, net cage maintenance – repair, HDPE cage construction, mooring system installation, turnkey projects and consulting associated with global partners as a leader in Aquaculture sector. By the way, we have been sustaining our well known reliable service in the largest and best equipped logistic center of Europe which we established in Milas-Turkey. As being a global company, we have been proceeding our export actions as accomplishing many turnkey projects and orders of the countries such as Azerbaijan, Russia, Tunusia, Iraq, France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Australia, New Zealand etc. We have been continuing our distributorship with leading foreign suppliers successfully which we believe in their quality, price, on-time delivery vision suits our business aspects. The main foreign producers represented by Cakir Fishing Co. as below:

  • Badinotti S.P.A, ITALY– Knotless nets
  • Promens/Saeplast, ISLAND/SPAIN – Plastic Instulated Tubs
  • Flexabar- Aquatech, USA – Anti-fouling
  • Tufropes, INDIA– Ropes
  • Sealite P.T.Y, AUSTRALIA – Solar Led Lanterns and Buoys
  • Plastic Fabrications P.T.Y, AUSTRALIA –  Plastic Products
  • Rossi A/S, DENMARK– Automatic Injection and Vaccination Machines
  • Lankhorst Euronete, PORTUGAL– Knotted Nets and Steell Ropes
  • Shangai Luby Pet Industries Co.Ltd., CHINA – Aeratorsf
  • AquaMaof Aquaculture , ISRAEL – Indoor Systems, Measurement Kits